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Stripping Only Service


What is the best way to strip furniture?

     Stand before stripping.        Stand after Stripping

 Answer: Hire a professional refinisher to do it for you.


Our Stripping Only service is more economical than people usually guess, often just a little more than you would spend for the materials you'll need to do it yourself. The professional stripper we use will get the wood much cleaner than what the common home stripping method will achieve. Our stripping chemical evaporates so the wood doesn't have to be "washed" with water to remove the residue, which can raise the grain of the wood.

We almost always use a brush-on stripper where we will have the most control over exposing the item to chemicals. This is often described by others as "by hand" stripping method but this is best way to get to know the piece being stripped to ensure that every detail gets seen, and there is no loss of integrity in the glue joints. This provides for a more through repair and refinishing job.

To remove heavy layers of paint requires the item stay wet with chemical longer. Larger items are coated with stripper and wrapped to stop evaporation and allow the stripper to do its work overnight.

Depending on the items wood type and what we believe may be in the grain of the wood or the lack of wood grain, we may advise against stripping the piece.

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