A.H.M. Furniture Repair

A child's antique  school chair with a veneer seat.

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A before picture of the chair shows the peeling veneer seat and the worn finish.



The first thing is to remove the tacks holding the seat in place.


2dur.jpg (61697 bytes) We used the old seat as a pattern


The owner didn't want to refinish the chair so we cleaned all the dirt with soapy water and a light brush. 

The we amalgamated the existing finish . This is a method of dissolving the the old finish and removing more grease and grime. This also redistributes the finish to the thinner, worn areas.

3t.jpg (41686 bytes)  

We then french polished some new lacquer on the chair to help even out the finish even more.

We then finished the seat to match and installed it using new tacks that were similar to the old ones.

4.jpg (45280 bytes)  


Here is a finished child's chair ready to be used for many more years to come.