A.H.M. Furniture Repair


Here is one of our current projects. This is a solid Armoire/China Cabinet made by the Standard Table Company of Jamestown, NY. It is one piece of a complete set we are restoring. This set belonged to the owners mother and is complete with all the chairs.



1b4.jpg (108789 bytes)  

Here is before overview photo.

2b4.jpg (102146 bytes)  

The owners do not want any stain so the inside will need to be stripped as well.

3b4.jpg (137772 bytes)  

Other than removing and re-gluing the legs, this corner break was the only repair needed.

4dur.jpg (104256 bytes)



Stripped, repaired and in the finishing dept. and ready to be sprayed.

5duris.jpg (54665 bytes)  

Here we have the inside ready to be sprayed as well.

6durbreakcu.jpg (80334 bytes)  

A close-up of the repaired corner. 




Finshop.jpg (107716 bytes)  

Here is the finished  piece, rubbed, waxed and ready to wrap up.  

finship.jpg (93775 bytes)  

First we the  wrap the piece in paper and then in moving pads and it's off to the owners home.


finhome.jpg (93036 bytes)


Here we have an in home shot of the buffet and the china closet together. In the lower left is the matching table  to be done after the holidays. Out of view is the sever, which we will start in a few days.