A.H.M. Furniture Repair

Here is large solid Mahogany Table. Measuring 54 inches across, the most damage is from the sun, but the finish is worn and ready to be replaced. This table sees everyday use so a hybrid Lacquer-Urethane finish is needed. This Nu-Coat product offers more water and alcohol resistance. The owners won't have to worry about a "white ring" or blush from leaving a sweaty glass on it. 


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b4.jpg (90190 bytes)  

Here is the before picture.

stripped.jpg (57785 bytes) The table sat in the sun with placemats. This was not noticeable until we stripped it to reveal the sun bleached wood. Sanding will make it like new again.  

b4new_leaf.jpg (86588 bytes)


With the table sanded, we are building a new leaf out of solid mahogany to match. Here we are making sure everything lines up and then its off to be sanded and then attach the skirt.

durskirt.jpg (83313 bytes)


The skirt is attached to the new leaf and reinforced with corner blocks.
durpins.jpg (85303 bytes)  

New leaf levelers, and pins & sockets are installed along with a new lock lever.

finstain.jpg (57519 bytes) Here we have the stain applied and it is allowed to dry at least 24 hours before finishing. Our standard finish is three coats on the flat areas. Each coat is dried and then sanded to remove any imperfections. All of the edges get six coats to insure a durable buildup. 
finshop.jpg (74035 bytes) Tables get a sanded after the final coat and then rubbed with 4-0 steel wool. We then use a 1000 grit and then 2000 grit rubbing compound to get the desired sheen. 
housetu copy.jpg (117221 bytes)
Last we apply bee's wax for a lasting shine and wrap it to deliver.