A.H.M. Furniture Repair


Here is one of our current projects. This is a solid walnut buffet made by the Standard Table Company of Jamestown, NY. It is one piece of a complete set we are restoring. This set belonged to the owners mother and is complete with all the chairs.



1b4ov.jpg (58316 bytes)  

Here is before overview photo.

2legb4.jpg (72122 bytes) The legs had many bad repairs with yellow glue and nails.
3legb4.jpg (114103 bytes) Two of the legs had been broken off completely and re-glued very badly. The glue help but the pieces were not properly aligned when repaired. We re-broke the repair and realigned the joints for a invisible repair.
4legtopb4.jpg (98321 bytes)


Here is the top of the leg before repairs.
5legsglued.jpg (99787 bytes) Some of the legs as we glued them up.
6ov.jpg (79539 bytes) Here we have the repaired and stripped legs along with the main shell ready to be stripped.
7assem.jpg (98589 bytes) With the shell stripped, we attached the legs and squarely aligned them, making sure the heights were all the same.
8sprayed.jpg (99105 bytes) After sanding it's then off to the finishing area for a fresh new finish consisting of several coats of NU-Coat, a HYBRID  Lacquer- Urethane finish.
After-OV.jpg (74097 bytes)  

Here is the finished buffet, ready for delivery.