A.H.M. Furniture Repair 





A splint seat rocker, arrived with an improper repair and worn paint.  



Splint rocker Before repairs.

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Splint rocker during repairs.

Splint rocker painted, first coat.

Splint seat rocker finished.



After removing the old splint, the chair was scraped to remove loose paint. Then sanded to smooth and  feather out any  low areas as well as prepare the  finish so  new paint would adhere properly





First a tinted primer is sprayed on. This helps achieve a deep finished coat and insures that all areas are a uniform color.






A final top coat is applied, because this is a porch  rocker, we used an exterior acrylic latex paint for durability and resistance to moisture. Two coats were applied before the chair was re- splinted. the splint was coated with a mixture of linseed oil and turpentine to seal and protect the seat and back.