A.H.M. Furniture Repair

A veneer top replacement was the best repair for this stand.

 b4_ov.jpg (45836 bytes)

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A nice small two drawer stand with a veneer top suffered some water damage. The best repair was to replace the top layer of veneer, then stain and finish the top to match the rest of the piece.
top_cu.jpg (44372 bytes) Here we have a close-up of the damaged top.
bare_top.jpg (29271 bytes) The damaged veneer is removed with the help of a small steamer to release the glue. Then the area is sanded to both clean the wood and prepare it for the contact cement. 
new_top.jpg (41509 bytes) The new veneer is carefully applied using dowels between the two layers so they only make contact when ready. The dowels are removed the top is rolled down. Then it is trimmed and dried.

finished.jpg (39550 bytes)

Finally, the staining process. Many times we have to use  several stains to get the desired color to match the rest of the piece. Then the appropriate finish is applied and the entire piece is cleaned and touched up as required.