A.H.M. Furniture Repair

A custom made, quarter sawn oak table. Designed by owner to match an existing office table with matching desk, file cabinets and bookcase.

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The seasoned oak.

Installing dowels in the laminate joints.

The top clamped together.

Installing the locking joints.

The reinforced blind dato joints.

3skirts.jpg (51938 bytes)

The color sample.

Matching dowel plugs.

A finished end view.

A finished overview in our shop.

A finished overview in the home.

A finished overview in the home, end view.


Three quarter inch quarter sawn wood made up most of this table except for the one inch thick top which matched the other pieces in the room.



We sawed and planed the boards to the desired widths and thickness.  The boards were doweled for a stronger joint instead  of just biscuits.



The overall dimensions for the table were 7'x20"x 30" high. There were also very specific setbacks for the kick plate and skirts to match the other pieces.







Slight pressure was used to help spread the epoxy glue over the entire joint.  We prefer a natural fit of the boards. This helps prevent splitting later on.



We made the table into four separate pieces that are keyed together and then screwed. This design prevented racking even without screws and made it possible to easily move the table from place to place. It's size and design made it sturdy, solid and heavy. 




We matched the color and sheen  to the other pieces with just a 4 inch x 6 inch sample. We used a wood filler to help fill the open oak grain and give a smoother satin finish.


The other matching pieces have fake dowels to look like the units are pegged, so we felt we should use the same technique to match.




Here are some finished photos as well as some in the owner's home.



Thank you for your interest in our process.