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Another family treasure, this English oak wash stand / dry sink had been partially stripped by the owner and sitting in his basement for 20 years. 

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7finov.jpg (282412 bytes)

Here is an overview image which shows most of the damage. Three generations of use had caused substantial damage to the top and back splash.  

The drawers had been fitted with several types of pulls and the door frame shattered. the actual top of the unit was severely warped, and required steaming to straighten it out.


1b4top.jpg (99731 bytes)

This back splash end view shows the extensive rot from moisture. the very top of the back splash was rotted off, as was the top of the trim piece on the end. 

The entire top of the backsplash had to be shortened about 3/8 of an inch and reshaped.

3lstrim.jpg (181476 bytes)  

A closer look at the blistering on the top.  Some of the glued sections in the top needed to be removed and re-glued before refinishing. Taking the sections apart is the only way we could guarantee they would not come apart later.

4brdoorcu.jpg (162083 bytes)  

Here's a view showing the door frame.

5b4drawerscu.jpg (162306 bytes)  

Here you can see the remaining paint and holes from the drawer pulls. Most of the frame, including the drawer supports and base were disassembled and re-glued. 

Many glues do not hold up to the over-the-counter strippers available to consumers. 

Our primary glue is an epoxy and is not affected by any strippers.  The stripper that we use in our hands stripping process does not affect any ordinary glue.

5.5lstrimstart.jpg (151685 bytes)  

There was just too much rot at the end of the trim to do anything but replace it.  Once we found a suitable piece of matching wood, we shaped as close as possible to the existing good piece.

6lstrimdur.jpg (124748 bytes)  

once we had the piece shaped and carved to match, we cut the entire top piece off and glued the new piece to the bottom with wire rods for reinforcement.

8finlstrim.jpg (173535 bytes)  

Here is the finished trim piece and the reshaped backsplash. No visible seams remained and trim piece. The trim on both ends the need to be shortened to match the reshaped backsplash.

7finov.jpg (282412 bytes) The stain was chosen to match the other pieces the owner had in the same room. He chose a satin urethane lacquer finish to match as well.  The area behind the door and the inside and outside of all of drawers were finished as well.

The drawer pulls were ordered and had to be milled to shorten them so not cover up the carvings. They are attached by screws through the existing holes.



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