A.H.M. Furniture Repair

A family treasure, this mahogany gate leg table belonged to the owners grandmother and had seen better days, but the fond memories remained. The owners husband brought this in for us to refinish for a surprise birthday present for his wife.  Needless to say she was very surprised and happy.

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b4ov.jpg (223573 bytes)

Here is an overview image which shows both sun and moisture damage to the finish.

b4end.jpg (218254 bytes)  

This end view shows the extensive blushing (white film) from moisture, in the legs.

b4top.jpg (456781 bytes)  

A closer look at the blistering on the top.  Some of the glued sections in the top needed to be removed and re-glued before refinishing. Taking the sections apart is the only way we could guarantee they would not come apart later.

b4legs.jpg (320101 bytes)  

Here's a view showing the underside of the drop leaf's.  Many times these are left unfinished, but it AHM, we always refinish the underside.  We do this to seal the top and also make a pleasing to look at when the leaves are down.

durlegs.jpg (506805 bytes)  

With the finish in excess stain removed, we can see the remaining original stain left in the legs. All of the legs the and frames were disassembled and re-glued to ensure many years of trouble-free use.

fin ov.jpg (163399 bytes)  

We applied stain to the lighter areas to make the color uniform, except the accent on the drawer.

finendopen.jpg (618528 bytes)  

The finish we applied is a lacquer urethane. This product is highly resistant to water and alcohol, and has a very high hardness rating to resist scratching.

finside.jpg (305145 bytes)  

Beautiful again, ready to be used for years and passed on to future generations.