A.H.M. Furniture Repair

Here we have another family heirloom chew toy. Most of the dog damage we get is just chewing, this dog actually tore the front edge of the top off.  

Click on any image for a larger view.

01b4.jpg (62338 bytes)  

An over view of the damaged area.


02b4top.jpg (39352 bytes)


A closer view.

04b4cu.jpg (51384 bytes)


The right side of the damaged area.

LScu.jpg (33888 bytes)

The left side of the damaged area, some of the missing wood was replaces with an epoxy wood filler, as were all the bite holes.

05dur.jpg (63918 bytes)
06finov.jpg (59358 bytes)

The finish is recreated by mixing colors to match the base color and then recreating the grain with sand paper, knives and color. Then we apply a suitable finish to bring back the depth and luster of the surrounding area. 

07fincu.jpg (41415 bytes)  

A close-up of the finished area.