A.H.M. Furniture Repair

This Eastlake side chair suffered a break in the back right next to a manufactured joint which held up well. Dowels from the hip braces added to the weakened area.

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01b4lsov.jpg (64365 bytes)  

A before picture of the chair shows the location of the break.

02b4cutext.jpg (63929 bytes)  

A close-up picture of the break shows the location of the dowels. Top dowel was to join the two pieces of wood to form the leg and back rail. The bottom dowel was from the addition of the hip brace.

03dur.jpg (56988 bytes)  

After cleaning out the old glue from around the dowels we applied some epoxy glue and then clamped the areas to help the epoxy penetrate in the wood and keep everything properly aligned.

05fin.jpg (73239 bytes)  

The finished repair, all sanded and touched up with color to match the surrounding area.