A.H.M. Furniture Repair

This family rocker suffered from abuse and previous repairs to the left arm and rear leg support. Repaired at least twice before, the repairs used a typical yellow glue and additional dowels for strength. This technique however, weakens the wood as the yellow glue doesn't have enough body to hold loose fitting joints together. 

In all of our permanent repairs we use a marine epoxy which doesn't get brittle and break, it also expands and contracts with the wood during temperature and humidity changes.

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01ov.jpg (107189 bytes)  

A before picture of the chair shows the broken arm.


01cuarm.jpg (69163 bytes)


Here is the extra dowel added to both ends of the arm.

04armcu.jpg (61805 bytes)


A close up of the damaged arm.

02leg.jpg (46719 bytes)


Here is the broken leg, also repaired with a dowel. The side rail is separated from the leg on this end  and split on on the other as seen below.

05legcu.jpg (93162 bytes)


When we repair an old repair we have to remove all the old glue by scrapping or sanding. We re-used the added dowel to aid in alignment and give added strength.

03rail.jpg (44862 bytes)


Here is the front leg rail socket which has split. We opened it up and applied some epoxy. For added strength we drilled a pilot hole and added a screw at an angle from the bottom. The screw is covered over and blended to match making it unnoticeable.

06legrpr.jpg (76226 bytes) The leg is being clamped from all sides with hard wood blocks to flatten all surfaces. We used a rubber band to close the gap on the rear rail support.
08finov.jpg (82946 bytes)  

Here is the finished over view.


07arminside.jpg (43506 bytes)  

A close-up of the inside arm. 


09frontcu.jpg (60869 bytes)  

The front leg rail support.

10legcu.jpg (68667 bytes)  

The rear leg.